EcoSafe Neutral Premium All Purpose Cleaner


ECOSAFE is a super heavy duty cleaner that works fast and easy, is pH neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for you and the environment.

ECOSAFE is Australia’s best commercial strength, heavy duty, fully biodegradable super cleaner that rapidly penetrates in-ground heavy soils, oils, greases and fats.  It’s famous in the world of professional hard surface and stone industry.  Unlike caustic and acid based cleaners, ECOSAFE can also be used as an all purpose parts degreaser or as a heavy duty spray and wipe for tooling machinery, lathes, benches etc.

ECOSAFE is safe for use in kitchens and food preparation areas. It is also safe to use in bio- cycle, septic and grease trap systems.

ECOSAFE is gentle on the skin, kind to the environment, safe on all washable surfaces, free rinsing and leaves no residue. Because ECOSAFE is the safest and most effective super cleaner on the market, every hard surface and stone professional, commercial/domestic cleaner, facility maintenance department, business and home will benefit greatly by using this time-saving breakthrough in cleaning chemical technology.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5L, 20L

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