Lavender Kleen Multipurpose Neutral Cleaner


LAVENDER KLEEN is a proprietary blend of specialised medium foaming surfactants, water softening agents, anti-redeposition agents and natural lemon oil as solvent booster and grease cutter.

LAVENDER KLEEN is a multipurpose neutral detergent designed for use in commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

LAVENDER KLEEN rapidly emulsifies common food oils, minerals oils, and synthetic oils. Being pH neutral and solvent free it is safe for use on most surfaces.

LAVENDER KLEEN can be used in any area where oil and grease are a problem, including supermarkets, commercial buildings, kitchens, factories, institutional, government and healthcare facilities.

LAVENDER KLEEN has been specifically developed for use in floor scrubbing machines and manual floor washing operations, on floors which have been sealed and polished with polymer and wax based products. Carefully selected cleaning agents, combined with a buffered and neutral pH, ensure polished floors can be maintained without excessive loss of coating.

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