Orange Crush Hand Cleaner with Beads

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner with Beads

ORANGE CRUSH is a biodegradable hand cleaner which utilizes the powerful solvent action of natural citrus oil to dissolve grease, oils, tars, paint, printer’s ink, and the majority of soils encountered.    A scrubbing abrasive gently removes ingrained dirt by massaging the skin.

  • Shifts stains easily
  • Refreshing and lingering citrus fragrance
  • Safe to use. Non-toxic and Non-corrosive
  • Soft abrasive beads assists cleaning
  • Safe in septics
  • Contains NO petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Contains NO phosphates
  • Added moisturisers – with extra glycerine
  • Bio-degradable
  • Soap free
  • pH balanced
  • Economical Concentrated formula
  • Easy to dispense


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