Orange Kleen Premium Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

Multipurpose Orange Oil Degreaser / Cleaner Concentrate


ORANGE KLEEN is a powerful blend of natural orange extracts, combined with biodegradable surfactants and alkaline additives.  ORANGE KLEEN is a heavy duty general purpose cleaner, that rapidly penetrates the toughest soils breaking the bonds with the surface to remove the soil and prevent re-deposition. It effectively cleans any hard surface due to the deep penetration and the natural cutting ability of the citrus based formulation.  Ideal for application with pressure washer and floor scrubbing machines on all surface areas from machinery and plant equipment to factory and workshop floors.

  • Phosphate free
  • Citrus Base
  • Bio-degradable
  • Performs in hot or cold water
  • Designed to handle hard water
  • No Nasty Caustics, Acids or Hydrocarbons
  • Safe for storage
  • Concentrated – Value for money
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