SaniClean Hard Surface Sanitiser Cleaner


Hard Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Cleanser

Machine Destainer / Sanitiser

Floor Cleaner

  • AQIS Approved
  • Built in Sanitiser
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent soaker or de-stainer
  • Kills germs
  • No spotting or streaking
  • Excellent degreaser
  • Safe

SANICLEAN DISINFECTANT CLEANSER is a concentrated powerful cleanser, bleach and disinfectant, combined in one product.

The disinfectant properties come from chlorine a reliable bactericide, which is present in a stabilised low odour form.

SANICLEAN acts as a deodoriser and leaves no residual odour so is highly suitable for food preparation areas.

Formulated for those who do not like the odour of chlorine. Other ingredients include sequestering agents, to provide water softening (for hard water areas).  Inorganic salts, to loosen soils and the biodegradable surfactants carry soils away and still kind to nature.

SANICLEAN is a multi-purpose powdered detergent sanitiser / destainer ideal for use in all commercial kitchens, bars, cellars and food preparation areas.

SANICLEAN combines oxygen & chlorine releasing agents to neutralise tannin stains from crockery, glassware, tea & coffee pots, leaving them streak free & sparkling.

A concentrated bactericide destroys disease causing germs quickly and effectively.

Cleans & sanitises floors.

Weight N/A
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5kg, 10kg, 20kg

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