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CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services has set out certain terms and conditions for the use of our services to constitute our service agreement.

If you require any more information concerning our customer service contract please Get In Touch with us via email and we will do our very best to respond to your service enquiry inside 10 active business days.

Concerning Our Cleaning Service & Product Supplies

Our commitment to the terms and conditions page – CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services agrees to deliver quality cleaning services and organic product supply to respective customers at their specified address or premises.

Our offered services and cleaning products will be applicable for these cleaning and disinfection activities(upon agreement with the customer and our cleaners) at your particular time of convenience.

Moreover, CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services strives to deliver their cleaning services and product supplies diligently, faithfully, professionally and within your required time frames.

Amendments & Additions

Any changes to the services and product supplies should be agreed to by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services before start of any work. If any specific customer requires any extra services or order variations when the services is performed, the customer should contact CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services Administration/Management via phone or email.


Moreover our service providers do not have authority to agree to any requested changes or request variations without prior consultation from theCHM Cleaning Supplies & Services Admin/management team. The respective customer cannot ask for their customised changes directly from the cleaners/suppliers.

And if our CHM comes down to a service location along with clear provision that the requested job is agreed to by the respective customer, but unfortunately the service is no longer necessary (without 24 hours notice), CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services; owing to its sole discretion can apply a charge for CALL OUT SERVICES.

Warranties & Customer Representations (For Our Services)

Service-seeking customers will represent and warrant the following –

  • Every time, the customer should deliver a safe and congenial working environment at the concerned premise to deliver the requested service or product supply
  • Our service providers should have an unobstructed access to all areas of the premises – especially the ones requiring the cleaning and disinfection
  • Customers should be able to ensure our team has access to all services and utilities (waste bins, electricity, water) needed to perform the disinfections
  • The customer must make it a point to inform our service providers about any work hazards like slippery floors, ingrained dirt, grease and existing grime at the premise
  • The respective client authorisesCHM Cleaning Supplies & Services to make use of the premises to deliver the service
  • Also the customer should make sure that the property is properly vacated before our arrival- particularly when performing full domestic cleaning, spring cleaning or comprehensive office/commercial facility cleaning.

User Agreement (For All Product Orders & Delivery)

Each product order and delivery is actively approved and accepted by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services.

  • CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services will provide you the requested organic cleaning products to the address specified in your order. The product despatch will be subject to the availability of the product and the lead time of the 3rd party delivery company. If you wish to check the delivery lead time, then Feel Free To Contact Us prior to placing your particular orders.
  • In the off-chance that the cleaning product and spray disinfectant is not available or has gone out of stock, rest assured that you will be notified about it via our CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services customer care team ASAP!
  • If the requested cleaning products are despatchedto your set address and signed for upon receiving the product it will presumed by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services that the right person  received the requested cleaning and disinfectant product!
  • Moreover, if the requested cleaning product in view adheres to a minimum purchase agefor the cleaning products (like example 18 years old), then from your end; you should ensure that the person meets the required age to accept the requested cleaning product at the time of delivery.
  • After delivery of the requested product; you will be the owner of them completely and will solely be responsible if they unfortunately get misplaced, lost, spilled or damaged.
  • CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services reserves the right to control and mitigate sales concerning all retail product quantities whenever re-stocking the concerned distributors
  • Moreover, CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services always reserves the right to cancel out all orders and refund money solely at their discretion.

Our Products

CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services ensures all requested cleaning products and disinfectants are dispatched to you in optimal condition protectedby safe and appropriate packing.

If 3rd party couriers are otherwise occupied due to other deliver commitments, then CHM Cleaning Supplies & Serviceswill not be able to guarantee the condition of your requested products; whenever they reach you.

Moreover, if the proof or delivery is signed off by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services and establishes you as its rightful owner; you will be entrusted with the responsibility of the product condition whenever they are dispatched to you.

And if you seem to have any particular concerns about a specific cleaning product (like potentially damaged faulty packing), then you can easily reach CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services Customer Care Team to listen to your complaints and possibly resolve it ASAP!


Our Payment (T&Cs)

As regards clearing payment for your product supplies; you should clear the payment –

  • Whenever the offered price for the requested cleaning product is confirmed by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services
  • Along with the delivery and handling fee determined by CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services Customer at the time of placing the order.

You can rest assured that all your Credit/Debit card details will remain discreet, safe and secure. We use (Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Cash, Stripe) as our payment options.

Whatever information we receive from you during payment will be safeguarded by CHM Cleaning Supplies &Services; Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology (which denotes a quality encryption protocol to safeguard sensitive data as it scours across the web)

All respective payments ought to be completed prior to the dispatch or retrieval of orders. And CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services will continually strive to protect all supplied information from the client and keep it up-to-date for more seamless transactions later on.

That said, if you notice that your requested cleaning product is not present on our site-store, then we encourage you all to REACH US Via Email Or Phoneand Let Us Knowabout the product unavailability. After speaking to you, we will do our very best to recommend a suitable alternative product to your primary product selection!

Product Graphics & Images

CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services always endeavours to showcase up-to-date product graphics and images on their official and easily accessible Trade Store. That said, all represented graphics and images may appear slightly different to the actual products.

That’s why when completing your order, we recommend that you go carefully through the instruction and ingredient information on the label before finalizing your order . If you have an issue or enquiry about a particular ingredient used in the cleaning product; feel free to contact the concerned manufacturer.

And if you have issues or concerns about the delivery of the product; kindly contactCHM Cleaning Supplies & Services at your convenience to resolve the issue quickly.


CHM Cleaning Supplies & Servicesin regard to the supplied cleaning products liability will be subjected to non-excludable liability for violation of warranties and conditions issued by the legislation and permitted by the local law.

Alternations To Levied Terms & Conditions

Every order is governed by the current terms and conditions; whenever you place an order with us. Of course CHM Cleaning Supplies & Services holds the sole authority to delete/add or make changes to the existing terms and conditions without notice.

So, it is the responsibility of the customer to read the current terms and conditions each time you place your order.

Applicable Law

All of these specified Terms & Conditions will be governed and constructed in adherence to the Queensland laws, Australia and will be subjected to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the QLD Queensland, Australia.


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